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The Escalante Water District is a creation of PD 198 otherwise known as the “Provincial Water Utility Act of 1973”.


The existing water system of then Municipal Government of Escalante was turned-over to EWD by virtue of a Municipal Council Resolution in 1981.  The Langahag water spring was the only source of water supply for Escalante, particularly Brgy. Balintawak, the main service area of the District. The services was a bit impoverished due to a dilapidated water system facilities of 1939 vintage.


On July 16, 1981 after a careful evaluation, EWD qualified for the granting by LWUA of the Conditional Certificate of Conformance.


Sincere to its commitment, EWD started its journey to accomplish its coveted mission of providing safe and sufficient water supply to its consumers in a sustainable and affordable drinking water. Though the journey is a thousand miles however, to achieve it begins with its first step.


EWD was contemplating on priority development. Priority needs of the District are:


  • Financing for expansion
  • Rehabilitation of existing water system
  • Reduction of non-revenue water


Sometime in 1991, a project funded by ADB through LWUA was implemented.  Its components are:

  • Development of Jonobjonob water spring
  • Pipelaying from Jonobjonob to Brgy. Poblacion (Balintawak), the service area of the District and
  • Rehabilitation of the existing reservoir


From then on, the service improved a little, but not enough to cope with the ever increasing number of consumers resulting from expansion and inevitable population growth.


Under the enabling Act, PD 198, EWD has five (5) members of the Board of Directors representing five (5) sectors as mandated, under PD 198as amended, namely: Professional, Civic, Women, Business and Education.


Water Districts are Government Owned and Controlled Corporation by virtue of the Supreme Court en banc decision on September 13, 1991. For this reason, water districts are not included in the General Appropriation Act, thereby excluding them from receiving any subsidy from the government. Their source of income comes from loans and grants and water revenues.


In 1996, EWD, through a Board Resolution, petitioned for financial assistance, the 1st Congressional District under the Honorable Congressman, Julio Ledesma IV. The district was granted financial assistance in the amount of One million (P1,000,000.00)Pesos intended for the construction of pump house and purchase of pump equipments. These transactions were all facilitated and coursed thru LWUA.

EWD is also taking cognizance of the fact that the Lumayno family by their benevolent acts, donated a portion of land located at the site of the water spring in Brgy. Jonobjonob. This water spring caters to 70% of the District’s consumers.

EWD is awaiting for the implementation of a project under grant accommodations. This will certainly augment the water supply shortfalls of the District.


At present, EWD serves 6 Barangays, namely:

  • Balintawak
  • Jonob-jonob
  • Malasibog
  • Tamlang
  • Hda. Fe
  • Alimango


* To promote healthy living by providing our consumers the safest, most adequate and affordable water supply 24/7.

* To deliver excellent and quality services through our well-versed and dedicated employees.

* To immediately respond to the consumer’s complaints and needs with respect and honesty.

* To provide training and seminars to the employees as a way to enhance their skills and knowledge that is beneficial both for the growth of the employee and the organization.


To be recognized as one of the best performing water district in Negros Occidental by 2027.



Commitment – Escalante Water District is under mandate to serve to

the fullest satisfaction possible to its water consuming

public in its service area. We therefore pledge to:


  • Provide adequate supply of safe and potable water to consumers;
  • Be sensitive and professional in responding to consumers’ complaints at all times.
  • Conduct regular water quality testing and respond without delay to any discovery of contaminants that will obstruct water quality control.
  • Routine maintenance cleaning of transmission and distribution lines should be done as frequently as possible to ensure safe distribution of water supply.
  • Be courteous and polite to provide correct, transparent and truthful information to the consuming public.
  • Be prompt, timely and wear proper uniforms and identification cards.
  • Display procedures, fees and charges.


Service – We are committed to serve as our bounden duty being in the

Institution of public service. Sense of professionalism should

always be our concern in our course of doing service for our

constituents. Generally, every customer must be treated

equally to avoid any ill sentiment that may impair an

established good relationship between the server and the ones

served. The interest of the Water District and its consumers

should go hand in hand.


Accountability – We are cognizant of the fact that we are accountable

to our water consuming public. Transparency should

always be the rule. We are accountable for the things

we do and also the things that should be done that we

do not do to our constituents.

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