WD Information Sheet

General Information: 

Address: 2/F Escalante Shopping Center, Escalante City, Neg. Occ. 6124

Telephone Number: (034) 454-0563

Fax Number: (034) 454-0563

E-mail Address: escalantewd.16@gmail.com

Website: http://escalantewd.gov.ph

Category: D

CCC No.: 165

Date CCC Issued: October 5, 1981


Management & Board Composition:

General Manager:  Engr. Alfonso A. Francisco Jr.,MDMG

Contact Numbers: (034) 454-0563


No. of Employees: as of January, 2020

Permanent: 10

Casual: 7

Job Order: 8


Service Connection Data as of Dec. 31, 2015

Total Service Connections:  2,278

Total Active Service Connections: 2,278

Total Metered: 2,278

Customer is Arrears: 

Total Population within area of jurisdiction:

Population served by WD: 12,529

Total number of Barangays within jurisdiction: 21

Total number of Barangays served: 6

Number of total City/ies served: 1

Number of Municipalities served: none

Number of water sources:

Wells: 3

Springs: 2

Rivers, streams, etc: